Sen. Cardin Faces Town Hall

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Senator Cardin (D-MD) had the first of several town hall events yesterday at Towson University, and, as expected, it was a bit rowdy. While no one got arrested, and no one was beaten by an SEIU member, it doesn’t appear that anything actually happened. I suspect no one was actually convinced of anything, and that the Senator didn’t change his mind on any of this.

So, the question remains: why have these at all? Is it just for cathartic shouting?

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4 thoughts on “Sen. Cardin Faces Town Hall

  1. I met a guy who wore a dolphin costume to follow Kerry on his campaign trail. As soon as Bush got into office they rewarded his disruptions with a high-paid job! Republicans fund these protesters because they want our president (and country) to fail. It’s not about wrong or right, it’s purely about power.

  2. Yeah, I’m not sure I buy that, but whatevs. I don’t think the people protesting here are looking for federal jobs, but rather looking for some sort of catharsis in shouting at their elected officials.

  3. I love how the left always thinks that when the right protests, we are paid. Just because the left pays people, whether it is the SEIU, or people who found a Craigslist ad, it does not mean we do it. These are real people who are upset about this health care bill and want the opportunity to tell their representatives.

    As far as the dolphin example; this is a campaign tactic used in hundreds of campaigns around the country. By both parties.

  4. C’mon Younce, you’re smarter than “the left always thinks.” Blanket claims about either side as if they’re some sort of monolithic hive-brain are lazy and insulting.

    That aside, I don’t think it matters if people are paid or giving away the chaos for free. Shouting down other people so they simply can’t say things you don’t like is childish and unproductive. It’s particularly beyond excusable when at a forum where public input is allowed. Take your moment at the mike and say your piece. Trying to stop others from saying theirs is unacceptable.