Zombies Vs. Real World DC

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Oh this is just silly. Turns out that our previous entry wasn’t the end of the story. Apparently, despite playing along with the zombie shamble, there was an altercation at Palace of Wonders with a few of the RWDCers and some of the zombies:

An update from the Real World situation. Three of us zombies were at Palace of Wonders afterwards. All of a sudden, two male RW cast members and a camera approached us. (neither were the ones we zombiefied) One of the guys came up to a (female) zombie and said something like, “so i heard you did something to one of my roommates” and “well, you slapped him and he took offense to that”. Then he started saying something similar to “well if that was me, I would’ve slapped you back. You [women] want equal rights so… you know…” He was really all up in my friend’s face as if he was going to hit her. I swear to you this came out of nowhere and felt really forced and random.

You have got to be kidding me. This is ridiculous and silly and so amazingly poor form on the part of the Real Worlders. And people wondered why we didn’t want these guys in town?

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4 thoughts on “Zombies Vs. Real World DC

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  2. Wait… wait, let me get this straight – The people who participated in some goofy made-up thing are complaining about another goofy made-up thing, interacting in their goofy made-up thing? Ahhh. Gotcha.