Fortune Telling is Illegal in Bethesda?!

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I had no idea that predicting the future for money was illegal in Montgomery County. And yet, here we are, with an economy ripe with the desperation and listlessness necessary to need the presence of palm readers. The case, found by the Post, is that of a local man who tried to get a business license to read palms in Montgomery County, but was denied, based on the aforementioned law, and has already lost at least one lawsuit in 2008 trying to open his fortune teller business. He’s now requested the help of the ACLU, and they’re listing some strong precedent for the story.

Still, not allowed to predict the future for money in MoCo? How are Investor Place, which sell investment advice and services along those lines, allowed to do business here?

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One thought on “Fortune Telling is Illegal in Bethesda?!

  1. Financial fortune telling entities such as CNBC and WSJ should likewise be banned from newstands and cable in MoCo.