Nationals Sign Strasburg for $15.067M

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‘Stephen Strasburg’
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Congratulations to Stephen Strasburg, who just became the highest paid amateur draftee in the history of Major League Baseball. The #1 draft pick has been paid $15.067M for his services, as broken by Nationals Farm Authority this evening. We’re still waiting for how the deal breaks out, but it will be a 4-year deal, for a total of $15.067M in salary, approximately 50% more than the landmark contract Mark Prior received in 2001 for his signing with the Cubs.

Is it worth it? We’ll see. I’m pleased to see the Nats sign Strasburg for less than $20M, which was the magic number in my head for his first four years. No idea where he’ll end up first, or how quickly he’ll be there, but a good bet would be the Potomac Nationals in the next week or two. Here’s hoping this is money well spent.

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