Help Pick Up the Pieces

Arts Group by Lubuto Library Project

I was saddened to read yesterday’s story in the Washington Post about the recent vandalism that took place at Life Pieces to Masterpieces.  This local nonprofit organization has helped hundreds of low income African American kids by offering them a safe, loving place to express themselves through art.  From their website:

“Life Pieces to Masterpieces’ apprentices learn how to make healthy choices at home, in their neighborhood and at school, enabling them to succeed and thrive against all odds. Apprentices consistently improve their school attendance and performance; improve their social and life skills; and avoid involvement with gangs, the juvenile system, and teen pregnancy.”

Over the weekend, vandals broke into the LPTM facility and inflicted an estimated $10,000 in damages which included smashing windows, spray painting walls, breaking computers and their flatscreen TV, urinating, spraying fire extinguishers throughout the hallways, and punching holes through the artwork that the boys had created.  It’s still unknown who is responsible for this terrible act, but as the article says, “If anything it shows how great the need is for programs that mentor young people in neighborhoods without much opportunity.”

If you’d like to make a tax deductible donation to Life Pieces to Masterpieces to help them get back on their feet again, you can do so via their website here.  I’m sure they will appreciate any help they can get.

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