Newseum Half Price in August

Newseum WTOP Microphone by Mr. T in DC

Sorry we’re a bit late in reporting this, but thanks to WTOP, you can visit the Newseum for half price during the month of August.  Half price!  Seeing as how tickets normally run you a whopping $20, this is a great opportunity to save some cash and see all the museum has to offer.  In order to get the discount you simply have to mention “WTOP” at the ticket desk or you can purchase them online here.  With the weather being as gross as it’s been lately, this is a perfect indoor activity to keep your clothes from becoming drenched in sweat.

Is the Newseum worth $20?  Eh, not really in my opinion.  Is it worth $10?  Totally.  Go check it out.  Thanks, WTOP!

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One thought on “Newseum Half Price in August

  1. Maybe I missed it, but WTOP didn’t do a real good job publicizing this at the beginning of the month, or I totally would have taken advantage of it!