From Waves to Grain: New Green Flicks

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‘Surfer Rides Wave Brought by Hurricane Bill’
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Take a break. Right now, really, and watch the lush, smooth, curling waves on this trailer from BlueGreen. Ahhh, the beach! I can even feel the sand between my toes.

BlueGreen, they say, is a documentary about the human connection to the ocean. That sounds wonderful, and I think I vaguely heard people saying as such on the trailer. But mostly I was mesmerized by the waves and the surfers sliding along them, including stars Keith Malloy, Layne Beachley, and Robert August. Robert “Wingnut” Weaver narrates.

BlueGreen is one of three summer movies with an earth-friendly bent that have screenings around town in the next few days. The next few hot, dog days of summer, that is — days perfect for slipping inside a chilly theater.

Here’s another reason to see it; if you go to Sunday’s screening, you might even win a raffle for a surfboard so you can test the waves yourself. Or at least have a cool conversation piece for your living room, because the last time I checked, DC wasn’t a big surfing town. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. And if you’re part of the DC Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, you’ll win a prize if you bring more friends than anyone else. How’s that for peer pressure?

When and Where:

  • Sunday, August 30
  • 8 p.m.
  • DC, Avalon Theatre, 5612 Connecticut Avenue, NW
  • $10

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Meet the Gardeners of DC

More food movies? Say it’s not so! Yes, but these are sweeter than the last. First off, Thursday’s double-header evening starts with local drinks, light fare, and live music.

The first short 8-minute film, complete with a catchy soundtrack, is Food Justice: A Growing Movement. It features a collection of interviews with people who say what food justice — which involves issues such as why you can easily find liquor stores and fast food in low-income communities, but not healthy food — means to them.

The second is a 30-minute screening of A Community of Gardeners, a film we mentioned last month that highlights the healing, soulful role that seven DC’s community gardens play for the people who grow them. In this work-in-progress, young people, senior citizens, immigrants, garden volunteers, and educators tell their tales of working the earth. You can peek at the trailer now. Filmmaker Cintia Cabib will answer questions after the credits roll.

Proceeds benefit the Neighborhood Farm Initiative and A Community of Gardeners.

When and Where:

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Will Bike for Food

Our final selection features one loooong bike ride. In July of ‘07, three women loaded up their bicycles here in DC and set out for a round trip to Montreal. They carried cameras on their backs to record the stories of others they met along the way who shared their passion for local foods.

This film, Faces From the New Farm, shows who and what they found on their 2,000-mile trip.

It highlights the “new faces of American farming,” people who are willing to challenge the authority of where their food is grown and are moving away from monoculture and industrial farming. These new farmers include folks who are growing food locally, through urban gardens, farmers’ markets, organic farms, and community supported agriculture (CSA) projects.

Get a sneak preview with this trailer.

After the screening, someone from a local farm will chat with the audience.

When and Where:

  • Monday, August 31
  • 7 p.m.
  • Free
  • Arlington, Shirlington Library, 4200 S. Campbell Ave.

Enjoy, everyone — and stay cool!

An area resident since 1997, Donna C. is a DC outsider. When she’s not running her writing and Web business, she’s running around the city, exploring the great outdoors, or trying to figure out how best to go green. See why she loves DC.

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