Jurassic Park IV: Washington DC

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Nope, Steven Speilberg and Jeff Goldblum are not in town. However,  “Walking with Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectacular” is starting this Wednesday, Sept. 16 through Sunday, Sept. 20 at the Verizon Center.

The show takes the audience through the 200 million years that dinosaurs roamed the earth with key performances by Tyrannosaurus Rex, Plateosaurus,  Stegosaurus, Allosaurus, Torosaurus and Utahraptor and a 36′ tall by 56′ long animatronic Brachiosaurus.  The entire production took one whole year to build, with a team of 50 animatronics’ experts solely dedicated to making the dinosaurs come to life.  Like John Hammond said, “We’ve made living biological attractions so astounding that they’ll capture the imagination of the entire planet.”

I believe Samuel L. also said, “Hold on to your butts!

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