We Love Weekends: September 12-13

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Shannon: It’s a big weekend for me.  I’m competing in the Nation’s Triathlon on Sunday, which will have me swimming in the Potomac River, biking in Rock Creek Park and out to Glen Echo, and running around Hains Point in my first Olympic-distance triathlon.  The Nation’s Tri has grown to be one of the largest triathlons in the country, with an expected 6,000 competitors this year.  So come on down to the Mall on Sunday morning and root for the home team (the DC Tri Club, easily identifiable in our jerseys).  Afterwards, I can’t imagine a better post-race treat than a margarita at Cantina Marina to celebrate the fact that I swam in the Potomac and lived to tell about it.

Max: After a long summer drought, the local art scene kicks into full gear this weekend.  New nightmarish paintings by local artist, Bradley Chriss will be on display Friday night at Flashpoint’s opening of Visions from the End of the World.  I’ll also be heading over to Civilian Arts Project to see their opening of Cara Ober: Love Letters and Nikki Painter: Debriscapes.  Saturday night you’ll find me checking out the new exhibit at Curator’s Office called Slow Food, featuring abstract paintings by L.A. based artist, Patrick Wilson.  Just down the street, Irvine Contemporary will be opening their New Realisms (PDF) show featuring five New York based artists who will be showing off their realist style of painting.  On Sunday I’ll be ready for some football, heading over to Buffalo Billiards to watch the Broncos beat the crap out of the Bengals.
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Paulo: I’ll be at a home inspection, hopefully a property I can close on soon. Then, off to Upton Hill Regional Park for an end-of-summer church picnic. It will sadden me greatly, however, that I will be missing the official Fox News/Freedom Works Tea Party March! I hear that untold billions of a silent majority will descend on DC to protest an end to medical bankruptcies and the utter tyranny of a 3% tax hike on marginal income for the rich. If you go you might even see these noble patriots again!

Jenn: I’m so excited to see that bassist Ron Carter is returning to Bohemian Caverns this weekend! I saw him perform back in March and it was a truly magical evening. Two sets nightly Thursday through Saturday gives you plenty of chances – if you love jazz, take them, he’s a legend still spry. I may finally check out the good boys of Fatback dj-ing “Dope Classics” at Saint Ex Thursday night, and hit some of the DC Shorts Film Festival all weekend. Other than that, the sky’s the limit.

Katie: Heyyyy! It’s Jasmine’s Birthday this weekend! Woo hoo!!!! Hence, celebrations! Friday night will be cause for drinks (isn’t it always?) and some friends and I will head out to some classy bar patios to make the most out of the last of summer. I’m thinking it’s ideal to head for rooftop bars, but I’ve been digging on the rooftop Sky Bar at the Beacon Hotel, where you can snag one of my favorite drinks of the summer, the watermelon mojito. So delicious. Saturday I’m heading out with fellow WLDC author Cathy to learn how to whip up one of the fall dishes from Nage’s new menu (stay tuned, we’ll blog all about it, of course!). Then all kinds of Birthday merriment for Jasmine will ensue. I realize I’m overly-obsessed with hanging on to summer (let it go, Katie, it’s leaving whether you like it or not.) but you’ll find me making last-ditch efforts at the Capitol Skyline Hotel’s Sundays with Spike party. If it’s raining, heaven forbid, I’m stoked to see Tim Burton’s newest project, 9.

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Jasmine: This weekend, I have a fairly big birthday coming up, so naturally my thoughts have turned to gloom, doom, and the end of the world. So I’m taking a cue from Max and heading to Flashpoint this Friday for the opening of Bradley Chriss: Visions from the End of the World. The paintings themselves are tiny apocalyptic watercolors, and the bonus of attending the opening is that Chriss’ performance art group, The Post-NeoAbsurdist Anti-Collective, will be there for extra moodiness. Things might get a little weird around then, so I’m thinking about having some friends over to lighten the mood and help me celebrate in style later on. Then, to ensure that I am sunshiney and happy by the end of this weekend, I will head over to the Sugar House Day Spa in Old Town for some fabulous relaxation and pampering.

Corinne: After a whirlwind, post-holiday week (in which autumn apparently arrived??), I’m very excited to head north to the Windy City to catch up with some friends and family, meet a new wee one, hear some live U2 and eat some Garrett’s popcorn. If I were to stick around here, though, I’d probably take my own advice and hit up some of the MANY festivals going on, with Arts on Foot and the Adams Morgan Day Festival at the top of my list. Or, if this chilly weather continues, I’d head indoors to get an early peek at the Corcoran’s Sargent and the Sea exhibit (which opens this weekend) or, enjoy a cozy, group “Nana’s Sunday Dinner” at Old Town’s Majestic.

Tom: Tiffany’s off to Wyoming this weekend, so it’s just me here this weekend.  I’m starting early tonight, and heading off to watch the Steelers’ opening game with a bunch of friends.  I’m certain it’ll be a lot more fun than my 49ers opener on Sunday, but any weekend with two football games you like ain’t bad.  Saturday afternoon I’ll be singing in a concert for the retirement of Pastor Tom Schmid at Falls Church Presbyterian.  Verdi, Brahms, Duruflé, Mathias, it’s a church-music explosion, so if that’s your thing, 3pm at FCPC. Saturday night brings a pair of cultural options: the photo exhibit from Ten Miles Square Microscopy at Hounshell or Barber of Seville from WashOp at Nats Park. Sunday means football, so it also means a big sandwich from the Italian Store, some good beer, and some quality time with my giant-ass television.

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Karl: I’m going to be the odd man out and tell you how excited I am that it feels like fall around here. I’m a fan of summer and all, but bring on the cooler temps, lower humidity and reduced amounts of tourists – welcome to September, the best month to be in DC! This Friday I’m going to celebrate by going out to eat at one of the incredible places reviewed by our foodies here with some good friends. Saturday is softball time! The Fall league in Arlington starts this weekend and we are heading into our first game undefeated! (No need for any rowdy Congressman to yell “You lie!” at me…I promise, I’m telling the truth Joe). Sunday seems like the perfect day to check something else off of my “DC list”. Perhaps the National Arboretum! I’ve never been. Ahhh…I love September in DC.

Cathy: Friday night is my last chance to enjoy the National Gallery’s Jazz in the Garden for the summer. This week has been so hectic, I won’t have time to prepare a picnic. I’m thinking of pre-ordering the sausage, cheese, bread, and fruit filled basket that serves two. Saturday morning, Katie and I will be up early working hard in the kitchen at Nage and preparing for our upcoming story (get excited!) And Saturday afternoon, I’m heading to Reston Town Center to see if all the great things I’ve heard about it are true and to enjoy their wine, arts and food festival. In what’s left of my weekend, I’d like to check out Shirlington’s Signature Theatre’s award-winning “Dirty Blonde” or perhaps swing by the DC Shorts Film Festival.

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Donna: Like Karl, I am glad fall is coming; September and October are my favorite months. Their cool, clear weather is also great for biking. I’ll be at an out-of-town wedding this weekend, but if I were around, I might prepare by going to WABA’s bike swap to trade up some gear on Saturday, or check out Sunday’s Yoga for Cyclists class at Past Tense studio, which is a class you don’t see often. And I’d go for a spin on the W&OD trail, stopping for ice cream at the Lazy Sundae.

Don: After the long weekend of booze and cooking-with-fire we’re planning a pretty low-key operation at Casa Whiteside. Things that don’t involve simply enjoying the cooler weather on the porch we’ll be pretty casual. We’re going to try our hands at catching one of the last shows at Shakespeare Theater Company’s Free for All and maybe spend some time at Indigo Landing watching the planes go by. My only other thought is trying to track down a good place to get a pisco sour – my curiosity has been peaked by all the coverage in the Post this last few weeks. Did the Grahams buy a Peruvian winery?

Rebecca: Ah, so much to do with so little time on the weekends. Friday, I’m just going to chillax outside, drink some Peroni and eat a rueben at Breadsoda. Perhaps a little Wi Tennis will get my pent up energy out. Saturday before game time, I’ll hit up SOMA FIT‘s open house for some free yoga/pilates/ass kicking and then I’ll revive myself with the Taste of Friendship Heights where some samplings from local restaurants such as Indique Heights, Bambule and Alfio’s will rejuvenate my exhausted bones. Assuming I can pry myself away from college football, Saturday is always a good time to head over to Cafe Saint-Ex for some awesome basement dance offs. Haven’t been to Eastern Market in a while, so Sunday I’ll saunter on over there to check out the offerings.

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