Coast Guard Exercise on the Potomac Scares the Shit out of Everyone Needlessly

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‘Potomac Policeboat’
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According to CNN, a Coast Guard boat on the Potomac river was involved in a confrontation with another boat on the river and fired approximately 10 shots on the craft as it neared a security zone near the Pentagon where President Obama was speaking this morning. This one’s still breaking, not sure what’s happened yet.

Update, 10:37am: Yeah, the whole thing was an exercise. No shots were fired, and CNN’s reports seem to be inaccurate. Mark Knoller of CBS News was part of the Presidential Motorcade and confirms nothing happened during the trip back over the river. In addition, WUSA 9 spoke with DC Police Information and confirmed this was just an exercise. Nothing happened here.

Thanks again, CNN!

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4 thoughts on “Coast Guard Exercise on the Potomac Scares the Shit out of Everyone Needlessly

  1. Wow…I’ve seen the Navy schedule some stuff at inappropriate times, but this pretty much takes the cake!

    But yes, hats off to a great CNN job!

  2. The problem was CNN jumping the gun, not the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard included in its radio traffic “This is a drill” and the words “bang, bang, bang.” CNN is more interested in ratings than journalism.