Guy Killed Me With A Sword, Mal. How Weird Is That?

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In Baltimore news, a Johns Hopkins undergrad defended his home with a samurai sword this weekend, killing the intruder and applying the traditional Shar’ia punishment for theiving. Cue the Sword-Control movement…

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6 thoughts on “Guy Killed Me With A Sword, Mal. How Weird Is That?

  1. hooray for the man defending himself and his property. let this be a warning to all a88holes that want to try such crap. i hope that no charges will be brought against this brave young man.

  2. Amen, Bruce! If that kid is charged with anything, it poses serious questions as to where our society is heading. If he had used a gun, this would probably not even be an issue. The perpetrator was 49 with 29 convictions, had just gotten out of jail, and put himself in the position that led to his death. The kid likely saved someone’s life who the burglar would have harmed in the future.