Inside the White House

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‘The White House – The Dream Home of Many Children’
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About a year ago, after listening to not just a little bit of Marketplace, I did something I’ve never done before or since. I went to the bank machine, and I got out the daily max. I put the money in the strongbox that keeps our passports and birth certificates. I even suggested a couple others do it, out of an abundance of caution. Things were looking grim, as banks weren’t lending to each other, and if they stopped talking all together, the consequences would’ve been pretty dire.

I had a bunch of folks tell me that I was crazy or stupid for doing it. Today, I can point at this long, yet utterly riveting account from inside the White House during the same period of time. Apparently it was a pretty near miss. But, if you’ve ever want to see a bit more about the sausage and where it’s made, this is a pretty good place to start.

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