Metro Employee Dies from Injuries

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The Metro employee who was struck by a train between the Braddock Road and National Airport stations last week has died, according to this WMATA press release.  The employee, John Moore of Arlington, had opened a door that led to the track right-of-way and was struck by a train on Thursday.  Metro and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating this incident. The family of the victim already hired a lawyer from Evansville, IN to help them seek monetary damages to pay for losses and expenses.

It’s been a terrible year for Metro, as this is the third Metro employee who has died while working this year.  The first was the driver of the train involved in the June 22 Metro crash, Jeanice McMillan, and the second was a track repairman, Michael Nash, who was  struck by equipment on August 9th.  A Metro subcontractor also died earlier this summer when he was electrocuted at a Metro bus garage.

The Washington Post calls this death “the most recent fatality in a series of tragic events afflicting the system’s operations in recent months.”  Do you think this is just a tragic coincidence, or is there something seriously wrong with Metro’s safety regulations?Evansville, IN

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One thought on “Metro Employee Dies from Injuries

  1. metro should regulated, when hiring new employees. there should be a very stric training for a period of time. there should not be that, the brother, brings the cousin, the cousin bring their friends to work. it should be more professional. as you see the mayority of employees are blacks, why is that? because the friend brings the brother friend to work to metro with no skills.