PBR Gets More Pricy, Hipsters Weep

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Oh Hipster friends, today I weep for you. Today, it’s clear, you might have to get a real job if you want to continue to afford PBR. Why? Well, prices are going up again, which means that your craptacular irony beer of choice is going to set you back of that cash you’d reserved for a new V-neck undershirt. One of our authors assumed she’d hallucinated a $9/sixer cost for PBR on her recent trip to the store, and I’m sure that you probably just thought it was the remains of a bad trip.

Some bars in the area have you covered, though. I know that our favorite hangout, Science Club, has it on $3 Happy Hour (which runs most of the night there!) through the end of the month, so you’ve got some time to find that perfect gig to make the extra shekels to keep yourself cloaked in irony and crappy taste.

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4 thoughts on “PBR Gets More Pricy, Hipsters Weep

  1. Robert, PBR tastes just as good for breakfast the next morning. To quote Johnny Cash, “The beer I had for breakfast wasn’t bad so I had one more for dessert.”