So, What Does WMATA Really Stand For?

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Our friend @RitaHayworth tweeted this morning that she wondered if that WMATA actually stood for “We Make Accidents, Terrible Accidents?” That got me thinking. What do you think WMATA actually stands for? Can you come up with some good ones? Best entry gets a $10 farecard purchased by yours truly.

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33 thoughts on “So, What Does WMATA Really Stand For?

  1. * We Might All Take Amtrak

    * Where Most Annoying Tourists Are (especially true of Smithsonian Station!)

    * Wasting Mornings, And The Afternoons

  2. Washington May Always Travel Angry

    Wasting Money and Time Always

    Waiting Makes All Travelers Angry

    Walk, Metro Ain’t Too Agreeable

  3. Or Building off of Matt’s earlier comment, “What Makes Automobiles Truly Appealing.”

    We Make Automobiles Truly Appealing.

  4. Where Morons Always Talk Assumptions

    We Make Alternate Transportation Appealing

    Where My Attitude Talks Arrogance

    When Most Assume Transit Annoys

    Whiny, Mediocre Administration Talks Ass

    We Mostly Allow Transients Access

    Which Moron Accidentally Totaled Another?

    What, Me Absolve Transit Aggravation?

  5. We Make Amateurs Train Attendants.
    Washington’s (World’s) Most Annoying Transit Agency
    Watch Massive Attacking Trains Arrive –
    When Might Authorities Teach Attendants