We Love Weekends: 19-20 September

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Karl: This weekend is birthday time! Saturday is my only birthday all year long, so I’m going to celebrate like birthdays are going out-a-style! But before I crack a beverage and prepare the festivities, it’s time to give back a little. I’m going to join the Honor Flight program Saturday morning to welcome US WWII vets to DCA and help them get a chance to go see their memorial. It’s a fantastic program that I will write up in the near future. Then, it’s off to maintain our undefeated softball record! Last week, we took the game 21-13. And finally, once I’ve sufficiently given back my time to those that served and contributed to yet another big win on the diamond…it will be time to let loose and have the time of my life. Oh and Sunday? That sounds like a sleep in and do absolutely nothing day. I will be much older by then and I probably won’t have the energy.

Jasmine: I would like to head over to the Kennedy Center to catch a sneak preview of The Suzanne Farrell Ballet, which will let you watch as they prep for the 2009-2010 season this weekend. I also wouldn’t mind nerding out a little bit and checking out Wild Ocean 3D at the Natural History Museum’s IMAX, which opens this weekend. You can get in the right state of mind by walking through the relatively new Sant Ocean Hall and checking out the sweet whale replica, tons of fossils, and tanks of live fish before the movie.

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Tiff: Ah, a weekend when I’m in town and don’t have to be much of anywhere. Friday night is Symbology at the DC Improv Lounge– Mike Blejer (temporarily back from NYC), Jake Young, Aparna Nancherla, and a couple of other comics I’m not familiar with, plus a new video produced by Blejer. Saturday will probably be more potato digging at the farm, and Right Round at the Black Cat, with dj lil’e spinning 80s alt. You have not lived until you’ve seen the Black Cat backstage erupt with joy at the opening beat of Erasure’s “A Little Respect.”

Max: Now that the local art scene is back from its summer hiatus, many of my weekends will involve going to gallery openings.  The one I’m most looking forward to this weekend is at an awesome new gallery in Capitol Hill called The Fridge and it is the first solo show of local artist DECOY (aka Alicia Cosnahan). You’ve no doubt seen her work around town in the form of wheat pastings or murals, but when her work is on canvas it takes on a whole new beautiful form.  This show is inspired by her Catholic upbringing and will focus on religious icons.  I’ve seen a preview of the work and it looks amazing (I’ll probably be bringing my checkbook with me).  Other than that, I’m sure I’ll have my nose buried in The Lost Symbol or my eyes glued to any TV set showing the Broncos game.

Paulo: Wife and I are totes closing on a condo this weekend! So we might spend at least part of the weekend exploring our new stomping grounds, the wild, sprawling, asbestos-laden hills of Fairfax County. Since we’re not actually moving for a couple more weeks, we want our penultimate weekend as Washingtonians to be a beautiful, art-filled time spent amidst the Mall and the Smithsonians, possibly ending with the first Sunday concert of the season: Hispanic Music by the National Brass Quintet in the Sculpture Garden.

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Rebecca: If it’s September that means two things: One, it’s the start of the outdoor soccer season, and two, it means reining in the late nights and alcohol consumption in prep for the next day’s 90 minute running-filled game. I learned my lesson fast. If you want to play this fall, this is most likely the last weekend you can join and there are some great leagues out there for all levels like WAWSL, WISL, NVASA, FTSC, and many, many more, etc. With weekend nights becoming a little more low-key, it’s time to check out the Kennedy Center offerings. Sheer Madness is the comedy whodunit that lets the audience solve the crime should be a great starter. If you’re not into plays, check out the Washington National Opera’s offering The Barber of Seville

Cathy: While in reality, I’ll be Bolt-ing to New York and back. But if I were here, I would be reeled in to the amazing happy hour specials at Nageimmediately after work on Friday. Saturday, I would want to enjoy this weekend’s incredible fall weather by taking a picnic and some sort of activity (football?) to Gravelly Point, while snapping photos of plane’s taking off or landing overhead. I’ll head to the Penn Quarter on Saturday night, fulfilling my dreams of dining at Rasika, and finishing up with a movie at the E Street Cinema, perhaps the highly rated the Beaches of Agnes?  Sunday, I am dying to try the Latino Dim Sum brunch at Cafe Atlantico. Guess these dreams will have to wait a few weeks…

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Katie: Friday night I’ve got a happy hour, I’m thinking about hitting up one of the newer bars in town, either Room 11 or Social 14. Saturday I’m hopping a boozy bus with some friends to go visit some wineries. We’ll hit up Chrysalis, where we are doing a Reserve tasting featuring 12 wines for $10 per person and then heading to Mediterranean Cellars where we can get a tractor ride through the vineyards. After recovering from a 10-round brawl with a couple of bottles of vino, I’m celebrating the birthday of fellow We Love DC author Karl, at what he promises to be the best blogtastic party of my life. Sunday, I’m joining local nonprofit Rails-to-Trails Conservancy in a walking tour of the newest biking and walking trail in DC, the Metropolitan Branch Trail, which is slated to run from Union Station to Silver Spring.

Corinne: Loads of fun events seem to fill the September calendar here in DC. This particular weekend brings with it a lot of celebrating (who doesn’t love life celebrations?)—for monumental birthdays, for flat-warmings, for the near entry into fall. Saturday morning, since I’m feeling re-inspired thanks to Karl’s recent volunteer feature, I will return to a soup kitchen I haven’t visited for some months. That evening, I’ll check out local musician Benjy Ferree at one of my favorite venues, Iota café in Arlington. Sunday I’ll put on my salsa-ing shoes and head to Crystal City (somewhere I admittedly rarely travel to) for a Latin-themed wine festival. Here we’ll soak in some live tunes and dance performances, as we toast to the final days of summer ‘09!

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Donna: In addition to tasting organic wine on Friday and doing a first-ever trash cleanup run on Sunday morning, I hope to take advantage of the great weather that’s on the way. Perhaps this would be the year to check out Sunday’s Kalorama House and Embassy Tour, then top it off with a yummy dessert on the patio at Kramerbooks.

Don: My weekend starts strong and then launches into damned-if-I-know. I’m excited to hit the opening of Taffety Punk’s production of Measure for Measure on Friday night, then perhaps some drinking along 8th SE, perhaps some late-night sliders at Matchbox… if by some miracle we can get a table or spot at the bar before I turn 40. Saturday’s up for grabs but Sunday we’re trying to catch some time with a friend who spends so much time away from town that we see little of her. Brunch has been suggested, and every time is it we play the “How has Don never been to Perry’s drag brunch??!1?” game. I’m okay with some kitchy fun, but I am sure this’ll flame out fail to come together this time as well. Oh well, someday…

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  1. AW – thanks for the mention y’all – Tiff, if you’d like a more recent picture of me, you can snag one from my FB page!

    Plus, the 19th is my 11th wedding anniversary – so I’ll be all googly eyed and lovey dovey whilst DJing!