Delonte West Pulled Over With Three Guns on Beltway

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Okay, I get that people need to transport guns all over the place, and I definitely support their second amendment right to do so, but there’s appropriate ways to do it, and then there’s stupid ways to do it. This is a blog post, so you can guess which way Delonte West of the Cleveland Cavaliers chose to do it.

That’s right. He was carrying a handgun in his waistband, another on his ankle, and he had a shotgun in his guitar case. And he was on his motorcycle on the beltway when he was pulled over for erratic driving. He will face charges for carrying a handgun while driving come November. Apparently the police decided his shotgun in a guitar case doesn’t face a charge. Seriously, why don’t these people hire someone to transport their weapons for them safely? This is such a no-brainer. Why the hell would you need to carry three guns on your motorcycle? Isn’t a sedan more appropriate? Then you can put them in cases so they don’t go off inside your pants, Plaxico Burress-style.

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