I Don’t Mean To Start Something, But…

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I almost feel like I have to. This morning as I left my client’s office in Anacostia and drove (yes, I know, Car-Free Day, blah blah blah) back to my roost in Fairlington, I felt the urge to try something new for lunch. I’d heard tell of the Weenie Beenie being home to one of the DC area’s best half-smokes, but I always wrote it off. That little place, across from the Day Labor center? How could that place be any good? It’s a walk-up, for cry-eye.

Oh, how I was wrong.

This statement is controversial, and I feel it may need more basis in evidence, but I have come away thinking that this might just be the best half-smoke in town. I almost feel like there needs to be a side-by-side taste-test with Ben’s to prove it, but I’m thinking that the Weenie Beenie may yet rule the roost.

Who’s with me?

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8 thoughts on “I Don’t Mean To Start Something, But…

  1. I always meant to try their half smoke, but never got around to it before moving away. Possibly even more awesome, though: they offer a half smoke breakfast sandwich. Because what you need with your half smoke is eggs and cheese.