Zorn’s Fate

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Let’s face it: the 09 Redskins are abysmal. The play calling is bad, the team is vapid, and theoretically good players aren’t living up to their potential. Last year’s mediocre performance and the mess that this season is shaping up to be are leading many to call for the head of coach Jim Zorn. Many NFL analysts saw yesterdays game as being the deciding factor in Zorn’s fate. If he could stop the Lions and pull his team to 2-1, he might be able to salvage his career and hold out for at least another year. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened. The Lions managed to snap their 19 game skid and beat the Skins 19-14. So what happens to Zorn, now? According to ESPN, nothing for the moment. In order to maintain continuity and the integrity of the play-calling, Zorn will likely keeping his job for at least the rest of the season. What his eventual fate is has yet to be seen. Personally, I’m shocked that the Skin’s leadership has decided to retain him. I can’t imagine he’ll be around next year. What are your thoughts?

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9 thoughts on “Zorn’s Fate

  1. The loss was embarrassing but the season is still young. If they don’t make it to the playoffs this year I think he’ll be a goner.

  2. For all of us that continue to pay Danny such a ridiculous fee for tickets/parking and the outright ridiculous tailgating policy at FEDEX, do us all a favor, can Zorn tonite (so Danny can get another 15 min of fame during Monday Nite Football – that’ll help tick off Jerry Land followers too) and promote Joe Bugel for the remainder of the season!

    Seriously, can it get any more embarassing at this point. Give Buge’s a shot.

  3. I lived in Detroit for over 20 years and the Lions are such an embarrassment now that locals don’t even watch their Thanksgiving game anymore (historically, the only day of the season that the Lions used to win except for the past few years), they’ve gotten that bad.

    But for another team to lose to the Lions? Hell with firing Zorn, I think that’s punishable by public flogging.

  4. Even if he waited to fire Zorn at the end of the season, who in their right mind would want to work for owner like Snyder?

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