Peace Corps Ousts Black Rooster Pub

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Apparently, it’s hard to be a pub downtown if your landlord rents out your space to the Peace Corps while you’re trying to extend the lease. Or, that’s what the Black Rooster Pub on L Street found out recently. They’ll be closing their doors on November 3rd, as during negotiations with the landlord, Peace Corps was offered the space and accepted a lease.

The Black Rooster‘s been there since 1970, and I can remember more than a few trips there in my early years in DC working downtown. It’s a shame they haven’t been able to find an appropriate space to move their bar to, and that instead of a street-level retail outfit like Black Rooster, we’re stuck with more office space that goes dark at night. Owner Jody Taylor is fairly sure at this point they’ll be shutting the place down, as their business model wouldn’t allow for the re-creation of the place from scratch in another part of the city.

This is definitely a sad day. Get there while you can, it’s a gorgeous pub, and it’ll be a shame to see the doors close for good, just so some desks can go in instead.

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2 thoughts on “Peace Corps Ousts Black Rooster Pub

  1. They should get a bar on the mall like USIP. Congress will fund them and pay for the building…….Make sure to lobby and give them work when they retire.