Two Guys Jump Off Key Bridge, Try to Erase All Trace Of It

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We’re late to the party on this one, and a lot of the supporting material for this post has been consigned to the Google Cache, but a video was posted to YouTube, and then removed, of two local guys, possibly students at Georgetown, jumping off the Key Bridge. The original video has been pulled, and a couple posts have been scrubbed from their original locations, at the request of third parties possibly related to the original jumpers. The conflict appears to be related to some negative attention due to the now-absent video, and the move to cover up a stunt that was caught on video.

That’s some serious height there, and you’ve got to think that someone willing to jump off is a little bit crazy, or a lot stupid. Either way, why the cover up?

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9 thoughts on “Two Guys Jump Off Key Bridge, Try to Erase All Trace Of It

  1. There is no way the bridge is 1700 feet from the water. I’m looking at it right now and it might be 170 feet.

  2. Interesting story…

    However, there’s no way that the Key Bridge is 1700 feet up. The Washington Monument which towers way above the Key Bridge as the highest structure in D.C. is only 555 feet tall.

    Key Bridge is 1701 feet *long*.

  3. Cover it up so that other ridiculous drunk DCians don’t copycat and kill themselves unintentionally.

  4. …how deep is the Potomac there? Looking just west up from the bridge you can see boulders and trees often sticking from the water without any trouble, I’d be a little wary of jumping from a bridge where the water might not be more than 20 feet tops…

  5. I have a feeling it’s to protect idiots who may try to copycat. I’ve heard that it was two Gtown varsity crew members, one of whom had to go to the hospital for internal injuries afterward.

  6. working that day, I was driving a car that literally passed these guys as they were jumping and their film maker shooting. Wearing burger-king hats, I’d assume they were on a dare considering they jumped around 2pm on August 8th… hard to believe they were that drunk that early in the afternoon…?

    I had to wonder what happened to them, as they jumped much closer to the georgetown side than in the middle or the arlington side… I cant imagine the water is very deep there.

    I really wanted to find this video to see what happened… its gone everywhere now?