Fringe Does DC

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‘Federal Center SW Metro Stop’
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If you caught last night’s episode of Fringe, you might’ve noticed that it was set in DC. But, like much of 24, it wasn’t actually here. They had the station interior supposed to be more like that of Union Station, with train announcements and track assignments. So, Fringe Producers, in case you were curious: This is what the inside of Federal Center SW’s Metro actually looks like. See how it’s dark and foreboding, sort of like your show? And not exactly like a train station in any way shape or form?

I was, at least, pleased to see that they got some of the details of the metro system right, with signs referring to Blue line trains, and that one of the signs in the background seemed to resemble one of the System Advisory notes, so I’ll give you a pass, but please, come check out DC, you won’t regret it.

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5 thoughts on “Fringe Does DC

  1. I was actually surprised watching last night. There were a few instances where I did a double take, thinking, “was that… were they here, filming?”

    Sidenote – Did you notice how much the group traveled last night, and how quick and easy it was? Boston, Philly, Alternate Dimension, New York, Baghdad(?!), Philly again, etc. Pacey has to have some sweet frequent flyer miles by now. :)

  2. Fringe is shot in Canada, Vancouver I believe.

    I can only imagine what it would cost them in permits, etc. to shoot here.

  3. fringe is actually shot in fort greene, brooklyn. i lived there until earlier this year and saw them shooting pretty frequently.