Protestors in the Intersection at 14th & I


There are approximately 150-200 Anti-War Protestors in the intersection at 14th & I St NW, blocking traffic and obstructing free movement near the intersection. There are approximately 30 of DC’s Finest hanging out with them as well. No word yet how quickly they’ll be dispersed, but a several-block traffic jam is occurring at this time.

[Update by Ben H. Rome] I managed to get caught in the protest by the “Students for Democratic Society.” Supposedly it was against the war in Afghanistan, but I overheard several different reasons as to what it was about, depending on which student was being interviewed. The war, education reform, health care, “party rights” (WTF?), reefer legalization… All I could really figure out was that a bunch of students decided to make some signs, go marching down some erratic route with a police escort (that got larger as they progressed) and finally stop in the middle of Eye St. NW between 14th and 15th, blast some dance music from a portable jury-rigged setup and dance. Stupidly. In the middle of the rush hour.

Oh, and dressed as a farm animal, in one case.

Needless to say, several motorists let the kids know what they thought about their “protest.” In words I’d rather not repeat.

Check out the photos I took of this peculiar “non-event.”

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3 thoughts on “Protestors in the Intersection at 14th & I

  1. If they hadn’t gone with the first draft of the Port Huron Statement this wouldn’t have happened.

  2. “What do we want?”

    “WE HAVE NO F***ING IDEA!!!”

    “When do we want it?”