Shuttle Service for the Green/Yellow This Weekend

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‘Metro in the snow’
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If you’re not off on Monday, and you ride the Metro’s Green or Yellow Line, you probably want to read up on the shuttle service that will bridge the Yellow and Green line. There are specifically three shuttles:

  • Chinatown/Gallery Place to Anacostia with many stops
  • Chinatown/Gallery Place to Navy Yard, direct
  • Chinatown/Gallery Place to Anacostia, direct

Get ready for some serious Monday pandemonium, and weekend disruption. I’d just plan to work from home, if you can.

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3 thoughts on “Shuttle Service for the Green/Yellow This Weekend

  1. Not to be a pain, but thats a pretty strange photo to use for the article since we’re supposed to hi 85 degrees today! ;)

  2. I don’t understand why they have no shuttle between L’Enfant and Pentagon or Pentagon City. Do they really think taking the Blue Line all the way around is a reasonable alternative. Meh.