Did President Obama insult pudding pops or something?


So what’s up with that, Ben’s Chilli Bowl? The infamous sign indicating who eats for free at Ben’s has gone through a few changes over the years. The classic one said that only Ben Cosby eats free was replaced last year with one that said Bill Cosby and the Obama Family. Sometime since the sign (pictured above, click to enlarge) has been changed again to say




No, we have no idea either. The counter staff working today said they didn’t know what the deal was.

UPDATE: WLDC Alum Brittany points us to this Meet the Press video where Bill Cosby says that President Obama hasn’t earned the free eats at Ben’s yet. Let me point out that he says he doesn’t mind Michelle and her mother eating for free but the sign omits Mrs Robinson (what do you say?) but includes the Obama daughters.

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7 thoughts on “Did President Obama insult pudding pops or something?

  1. It’s interesting that the new sign just went up (we were with someone who was in the end of last week, and the previous sign with “But He Paid” was still up) over the weekend.

    While it’s possible Brittany is right, and that change comes slowly to Ben’s, I’m wondering if there’s something else, yet.

  2. Bill Cosby is my hero. Don’t be blaspheming in here, Susan. And by uppity do you mean he should be a more pleasant, subdued black guy? That’s kind of what uppity means to me the way you use it, just like if I said you were being uppity, which would mean something akin to, “settle the hell down, woman.”

    Bill Cosby is not perfect, and I agree that Obama hasn’t earned free food from Ben’s yet. Anyone can win the Nobel Peace Prize, even Arafat, Rabin and Peres, who shared it in 1994 for not killing as many people one year. But a free chili dog? You have to earn that.

  3. I’m tired of people not giving President Obama his PROPS!!! There are a lot of haters in this town, and its time you all settled the hell down. Ben’s Chili Bowl, who gives a damn if you eat there free or not. I understand its heavily over-priced, what you just want to be seen there? Mr. Obama, please if you’re looking for a free meal, eat at home….the food is probably better in the White House anyway. The rest of you, pay your bill at Ben’s, I’m eating out tonight, and it AIN’T Ben’s Chili Bowl.

  4. But if I were president and got free food at Ben’s I’d be all up in that joint EVERY DAY. “Hey, man, can I get a chili burger and like, maybe some fries? And don’t skimp on my hot peppers, man. Big Daddy gots to get some hot peppers.”