Sports Fix: Long Monday Edition

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Record: 2-3
Last Two Weeks: 1-1
Place: Last in the East

Yikes. A loss to the Panthers? Really? That’s disappointing. It also probably spells the end of the rope for Jim Zorn. It’s not all his fault, though, as there’s some question about a few of the calls (specifically on a fair catch), and Jason Campbell threw for just 145 yards, and a pair of fumbles by the offense made for a rough row to hoe.

So, where to from here? Fans and Owners are likely calling for Zorn’s head. Campbell’s got to wonder if his job is safe, as well, and Clinton Portis has to be wondering if he might be a better announcer than running back. Perhaps coaching is in his future. Either way, it’s more dark days for the Skins and the fans. Next up? Kansas City. They’re 0-5, and have looked pretty lackluster, so my guess is we’ll be losing that one, 17-9.

D.C. United
Record: 8-8-12
Last Two Weeks: 1-1-0
Place: Fourth in the East

The end is nigh! The end is nigh! Just two more MLS matches and a CONCACAF match, and that’s the end of United’s regular schedule for 2009. It’s must-win for DC in both leagues, after a loss to Chivas USA at home, and things look fairly grim in the MLS. United would need to pick up, at a bare minimum, a win and a tie — and more likely two wins — to make the last wild card slot. With 36 points, they’re two points back of the red line in the standings between who advances and who spends late October in front of the television. Their last home MLS match of the year is this Saturday against the Columbus Crew, so get the red on, and head on down to RFK to see our boys fight for their playoff spot.

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Record: 2-3 (1)
Last Two Weeks: 2-3 (1)
Place: First in the Southeast

What’s not to love so far? Ovi’s got ten points, a +/- of 5, and Backstrom picking up assists like they’re just littering the streets around the Phone Booth. So, really, this isn’t a bad start for our boys. Well, okay, so they’ve had a rough time in goal and Jose Three-or-Four isn’t quite getting things done. It’s early yet, and the team is en fuego when the A line’s on the ice.

They start a quick three-game homestand tonight against New Jersey, and then Thursday the Sharks come to town. By the weekend, the Thrashers will be here, and I’m betting good money they’ll be on the receiving end of that name. It’s too early to tell much about how the season’s going to go, other than to say the offense is there, it’s a question as to whether or not Varlamov and Theodore can settle into a routine in goal and get the saves we need.

Record: 59-103
Last Two Weeks: 7-0
Place: Last in MLB

Well, if you have to end a terrible season, ending it with seven wins in a row isn’t a bad way to do it. At the end, the Nats were scrappy and unwilling to go quietly into that good night, and that’s about all we can say for the worst season the team’s ever had. But, there’s hope in them thar hills, and his name is Stephen Strasburg. He goes by another name, Bryce Harper, who we’ll have first shot at in the 2010 draft. The Nats started their busy off-season by firing the last vestiges of the Bowden era, and sending Cristian Guzman (shoulder) and Derek Norris (left hamate) to the surgeons.

Look for lighter attendance next year, unless the Nats start to sign every pitcher worth a damn this off-season. Don’t think they won’t, but don’t be too surprised if it’s John Lannan and Steven Strasburg in the 1-2 slots for the Nats next Spring. Hope springs eternal, and watch the Fall League box scores.

Record: 1-2
Last Two Weeks: 1-2
Place: Pre-Season doesn’t have places!

More on Basketball later this week!

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