Disaster Game Stops in DC

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Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve seen a promo for 2012 by now. It’s disaster porn of the highest order. But, you might’ve missed that there’s a transmedia project associated with the game, including twitter accounts and a YouTube channel. If you’ve got some time this afternoon, bolt on over to the comic book store by 3pm at 50 Mass Ave NE and pass them the codeword “2012”, you’ll find yourself with a package of some import to the game.

A wild goose-chase, perhaps? Perhaps. But a fun diversion that makes you feel a bit like a spook, definitely. I remember a campaign in DC in 2003 that had me running all over DC with a group of people answering payphones as a part of a puzzle, and another that involved playing poker in Congressional Cemetery, so it’s nice to see another fun game stopping in DC along the way. If you’re looking for more in this vein, check out Unfiction, the largest online community devoted to these kinds of experiences.

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