ABBIEs Voting Now Open

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Okay, so maybe you can’t vote yea or nea for your boss, but now you can vote for The Arlington’s Best Business Awards (ABBIEs). Nominations are in, and the slate is open.

Many of the categories feature food and drink — including best bargain restaurant, brunch, dessert, happy hour, neighborhood bar and late night spot. You can also put in a good word for your favorite boutique, nonprofit, theatre or dance studio, and more.

Of course I’d never play favorites and tell you who I voted for, but am happy to see the new Lost Dog Cafe keeps cropping up as an option.

Vote away!

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2 thoughts on “ABBIEs Voting Now Open

  1. I cast my votes…but I must say, I think the selections they present are a pretty terrible representation of what Arlington has to offer in each of these categories.