VDOT Fails Spelling 101

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Oh c’mon, VDOT. You misspelled Reagan National Airport? I mean, I know we all call it National anyway, because it’s still a little soon to have it renamed after a guy that half the country seems to not have liked at all in retrospect, but misspelling his name? Not cool.

Their solution? Paste a correction over the top. Laaaaaame.

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2 thoughts on “VDOT Fails Spelling 101

  1. It’s funny, growing up with Reagan as President, I loved the guy. He was grandfatherly and warm, and he seemed like a cool guy. In retrospect, I still think he was the best President of my lifetime. He wasn’t a philanderer, he wasn’t an asshole, and he didn’t throw up on anybody, and he ended the Cold War. That last one’s clearly the most important, but what does it say about us as a nation that the other ones came to my mind first?