Swine Flu Shots for Alexandria

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courtesy of ‘jpcolasso’

Alexandria will be offering H1N1 flu vaccinations starting next Saturday (the 31st) at George Washington Middle School. The vaccinations are open to the public and offered as doses are available.

The vaccinations are free and will be offered first to those at highest risk, including pregnant women, nannies, kids 24 mos to 6 years, health care workers, and adults 24 – 65 with chronic health conditions. Kids in Alexandria City Public Schools can get vaccinated starting today (based on vaccine availability), though only the injectable form will be available.

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5 thoughts on “Swine Flu Shots for Alexandria

  1. EW BEN, REALLY? This picture makes me queasy…. ughhhhh. needles. yuck. ew. ahhh. can’t look at WLDC until another feed item goes up.

  2. Thanks for helping to spread the word on H1N1 vaccine availability. However, I don’t know that this picture really sends out the best message, especially considering the fears and concerns some might have over vaccination. As a scientist and as someone who supports vaccination efforts, even I am left feeling a bit uneasy after seeing this (also as far as I know it is either delivered into the arm or via nasal spray).