Safeway Names

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All the Safeways in DC have names. Some aren’t consistent between people, but there’s always a name. I mean, c’mon, what other Grocery outlet gets a City Paper Best Of? I can’t think of one. Via local blogger Jack Hirsch comes a short taxonomy of Safeways in DC. Anyone see one that’s missing?

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7 thoughts on “Safeway Names

  1. I can see two right off the bat:

    Sexy Safeway, the new one in the CityVista plex on 5th near Mt. Vernon Square;
    The one on RI Ave NE up on the hill in that strip mall behind the McDonalds (across RI Ave from Engine Company 12). Don’t know that it’s been named, tho.

  2. That used to be the Sandinista Safeway not the Spanish Safeway (and it’s more Central American anyway), but I guess that’s a function of the times…