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This evening we received a statement from Chinatown Coffee’s owner Max Brown, printed in full below the break. It appears that the Browns were unaware of Cho’s previous situation with Murky (something I find a little dubious) and that while he was to have stayed on as an employee manager of staff, that role will instead go to Travis Edwards, who will become the GM on Sunday. Read on for the full statement.

Statement from Chinatown Coffee Company by Owner Max Brown

“We learned today, along with everyone else, of the criminal proceedings initiated by the District against Nic Cho from matters associated with his prior ownership of Murky Coffee. If these allegations are true, we are deeply disturbed and everyone should be held accountable for their actions.

Cho, a consultant to us, helped establish and set up the shop, and it was always our intent to transition to a full-time employee manager. That was, in fact, in the works prior to us learning of this news today.

Travis Edwards, currently our Deputy Manager, will become our General Manager effective November 1, 2009. Travis brings a wealth of experience in the specialty coffee industry and is extremely capable and well-respected within the community.”

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4 thoughts on “Chinatown Coffee Releases Statement

  1. Color me not surprised. Didn’t someone posit back when we heard about CCC starting up that it wouldn’t take the District long to go after him for the Murky crap?

    Honestly, it’ll only make CCC better to sever ties with Mr. Cho.

  2. “It appears that the Browns were unaware of Cho’s previous situation with Murky”

    In related news, the Browns said they had no idea who the President of the United States was, but were pretty sure the Mayor of DC was Sharon Pratt Kelly.

  3. I find ‘unaware’ to be a little hard to swallow… perhaps they mean ‘unaware of the extent’ of the issue (I didn’t realize he owed THAT much!), but totally unaware seems very unlikely- or naive.