Michelle Rhee Battles the Council to the Death

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I saw the highlights for yesterday’s City Council meeting both on Twitter yesterday and also on the news last night. It seems that the Council is a little testy that the Chancellor ignored some of their requests, and yesterday they made their displeasure known. Having now read the City Paper liveblog, and Mike Debonis’ Twitter feed from yesterday, I think yesterday’s battle was more of the Fenty/Council battle, and not just against the Chancellor. She was standing in for Peter Nickles and Adrian Fenty, and so I’m going to score this thusly:

Fenty Administration: 3
City Council: 5

A loss for the Fenty Administration, but given that yesterday was the council’s rules and venue, I’d say it’s not quite the rout you would’ve expected. Michelle Rhee held her own in the council chambers yesterday and that should not be ignored.

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2 thoughts on “Michelle Rhee Battles the Council to the Death

  1. I agree, Joel, I think Jaffe’s take *is* interesting. I think that we can’t expect reform of a 50-year failed school district to not ruffle some feathers. Can’t keep on with business as usual.