Goodbye Sniper.

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Governor Tim Kaine this morning announced that there will be no clemency for John Allen Muhammad, and that his execution will proceed at 9pm Eastern Time tonight. As someone who lived just a few miles from the Home Depot on Route 7 where Muhammad shot Linda Franklin, and remembers the chaos and confusion around the random attacks in 2003, I have to say: Good riddance to bad rubbish.

I’m not a huge fan of society putting people to death, but in this clear-cut case? No objections here.

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One thought on “Goodbye Sniper.

  1. I’d still rather see him sit in a hole for the rest of his natural life, and it doesn’t change my belief that government and the justice system are too flawed to make permanent and irreversible sentencing decisions.

    However it’s hard to see this as a move that we could possibly find out later was made in error. I’m not comfortable giving a “good riddance” to any human life, no matter how insane or repugnant, but I won’t be losing any sleep over this one.