Five Guys Makes Ad Age’s “America’s Hottest Brands” List

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Well, lookie here, Lorton-Baltimorebased chain Five Guys has made it on to Advertising Age’s “America’s Hottest Brands” List. Long heralded by DCites for its juicy, meaty burgers and specially spiced cajun fries, the Five Guys chain is exploding, opening shops along the Northeast corridor and infiltrating the Midwest.

The secret to Five Guys success, apart from their menu offerings, is good old fashioned customer service. You really can’t beat a good burger, some spicy fries and a smile.

*Rob C and Billy are correct. Five Guys is currently headquatered in Lorton, VA. The first Five Guys location, now closed, opened in 1986 at South Glebe Road and Columbia Pike in Arlington, VA.

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3 thoughts on “Five Guys Makes Ad Age’s “America’s Hottest Brands” List

  1. Congrats Five Guys, but there’s a lot of wrong info here. Five Guys was started in Arlington in 1986. It’s HQ is in Lorton these days. _Advertising Age_ got a lot of facts wrong in its article, which could have been easily fixed by looking at the Five Guys website, which you so helpfully linked above!

  2. Um…Five Guys is Virginia based, not Baltimore. AdAge was sorely mistaken. Their first store was in Arlington and it is currently headquartered in Lorton.

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