NTSB To Probe New Metro Crash

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The NTSB will be investigating Sunday’s Metro crash which totalled three Metro cars, and damaged nine more, as well as causing minor injuries to three WMATA employees. Metro has yet to release some important data in the crash, and we’re hoping that the NTSB will force some cooperation and information sharing, as the crash was hard enough to derail 2 cars from the track, which suggests that it was more than the safely allowed speed of 3mph, and probably significantly so.

Metro’s safety track record can best be summed up as Atrocious. Many deaths, several suicides, and far too many accidents on both the Metrorail and Metrobus systems. We’re still waiting for the formal report from the NTSB on June’s crash which claimed 9 lives, and I suspect this one will be no less damning for the system as a whole. What will happen from here? Can GM Catoe withstand another accident like this? There’s at least one call for him to step down, and I’d personally tend to agree that his lack of leadership and safety-orientation seems to be at odds with the needs of the current system.

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