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The White House Gatecrashers, Michaele and Tareq Salahi, were on the Today Show this morning to talk about the State Dinner and all the attention that has come along with the event. They’re sticking to their claims that they were invited to the State Dinner. They’re saying now, that “their lives have been destroyed,” over the incident, which sounds like exactly what someone auditioning to be on a reality show, and frankly, if your life was destroyed by the fact that you crashed a State Dinner? Good. Just be glad you’re not in jail. Yet.

They were cagey in terms of talking about who invited them to the State Dinner, suggesting that the Secret Service is preventing the release of their invitation. They’re refusing to comment with regard to the reports regarding Michele Jones that suggest that she was unequivocal regarding their utter lack of an invitation.

These are not people who belong in the spotlight. These are people who belong in jail.

Edited, 11:12a: This will be our first & last word on the Salahis, unless of course they get hauled off to jail. Then expect one more post to gloat.

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