Happy Birthday Mr. Mayor

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What if you threw a birthday party, and everyone came? I mean, they weren’t invited, and they brought protest signs & megaphones, but they came and hung out outside? That’s exactly what happened this weekend at the Mayor’s Birthday Party/Mayoral Fundraiser. A coalition of local Anti-Fenty protestors hung outside the Mayor’s Birthday Party and lead protest chants and waved signs. The coalition was largely represented by the union that represents City Government workers and the taxi unions, two groups of people who are likely least happy with the Mayor.

Here’s my problem. You don’t protest the man’s birthday. Seriously. Would you like it people stood outside your birthday and told people how much you sucked? Your birthday is one of those sacrosanct days. Want to protest the mayor’s office every day of the week and twice on Sunday? Sure, go right for it. But take the birthday off. This was chintzy and tacky and just the sort of bullshit that makes me think that maybe he’s doing a better job than the polls let on.

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4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mr. Mayor

  1. I’d protest Double on his Birthday! Fenty is a fascist who screws over the poor and working classes and panders to the fat cats in upper NW. The only thing he’s done for DC is made it more impossible to get anywhere because of all the freakin’ speedbumps. I can’t wait til this joke of a mayor gets the boot.

    Besides, why should he get to enjoy his “holiday” when he prevents city employees from enjoying theirs?

  2. I agree with you, Tom. I wouldn’t protest the man’s birthday … but then again, it’s DC – and you just protested a protest. :)

    It seems that lately everyone with an opinion has made it their mission to share that opinion with anyone with ears. I personally don’t have an issue with Mayor Fenty, however I can understand if some do.

    But it’s the man’s birthday for Pete’s sake…

  3. I’m all for protesting, Kevin, but have some decency, y’know? Protest at his office, great, protest at the Wilson building, great, but the man’s home? On his birthday?