Sports Fix: So Close, But So Far Edition

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Record: 3-9
Last Two Weeks: 0-2
Place: Last in the NFC East

Heartbreak. Heartache. That’s the two words that best sum up the last two weeks. These were two games that the Skins showed up for, playing their hearts out against the Eagles and the Saints. There was an offense, there was a defense, and this looked like a totally different football team than the first half of the season. However, they couldn’t pull it out, either time, and came up short yesterday against the Saints in OT (33-30) and last weekend against the Eagles (27-24).

There were two occasions in yesterday’s game could’ve taken a dramatic turn for the Skins, and I’m thinking here of Suisham’s short attempt with less than two minutes to go, and that awful call in overtime. The fumble call…well, it was a fumble alright, but let’s look at the procedures here. The Saints burned a timeout right afterward, and managed to convince the officials to review the call in the booth. That’s supposed to be the booth’s job, and the result was the turnover that lead to the end of OT. It would’ve been better if he’d not fumbled the ball, but at that point, when all you have to cling to is procedure, then that’s what you look at.

So, that leaves the question, DC: Which is worse? A team with no hope? Or a team whose hopes are dashed? We’ll find out next week in Oakland, as the Skins head west to break their string. Considering the Raiders just beat the hapless Steelers? Who knows.

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Record: 7-12
Last Two Weeks: 4-3
Place: Last in the Southeast

This looks more like the Wizards of old, and not the Wizards of last year. They’ve chalked up wins against division leader Orlando, and perennial powerhouse Miami, both teams should’ve easily despatched the Wiz’s upstart efforts. The triangle of Butler-Jamison-Arenas is working on the court, and with some significant success.

The biggest surprise off the bench this season, though? Earl Boykins. The man has put up some points late in the game. I’m told that there’s been some chanting of MVP for Earl going on over at the Phone Booth, but I can’t get that confirmed.

Here’s the big question: What the hell is up with the Eastern Conference? Only five teams over .500? Good lord. Rough start here.

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Last Two Weeks: 5-1
Place: 1st in the Southeast

Alex who?

The Caps have outscored their opponents in their last five games 23-9, and it’s been on the strength of Alexander Semin, and Nicholas Backstrom. That includes two seal-clubbings against Florida (6-2) and the F^&*ing Flyers (8-2), some of their strongest offense all year long.

But what of Ovechkin? His suspension for two games has raised numerous questions about his hair-on-fire playstyle that has people saying words like “reckless” and “malicious.” But can you ask someone as amazingly successful to just tone it down some? Well, hold on a second. Before we do that, let’s take a look at Dan Carcillo in Saturday’s game. A short bout of thuggery against Matt Bradley, and he earns 29 minutes of penalties and an ejection (2 for cross-checking, 2 for instigating, 5 for fighting, and 10 for misconduct, and a 10-minute game misconduct), and we’re concerned about Ovechkin missing a hit and having it turn into a knee hit? Really? Yeah, bite my shiny metal ass. Come back when the NHL is serious about thugs coldcocking players.

The Caps are on the road for the next two weeks, except for a Friday night game against Carolina.

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  1. When I read the part about the Flyers I had to double check that it wasn’t Ben writing this one.