Georgetown University Makes The Top 10 Priciest Dorms

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U.S. News & World Report just came out with their 2009 list of “10 Schools with the Priciest Dorms” and guess who’s number 10 — Georgetown University.

Vox Populi blogger Molly Redden broke the news to her fellow students today, explaining that the ranking article said  “colleges with the priciest dorms generally explain that their costs are high because their dorms are new and offer lots of extras: free Wi-Fi, fitness centers, and ‘living learning’ opportunities to study with professors, for instance.”

“Of course, that’s true for New Southers—but residents of dingy Village B apartments may look at their media adapters and disagree,” Redden wrote.

Room and board at Georgetown costs quite the pretty penny at $12,706. Which is is $2,254 less than number one ranked New School (NY).

So some Hoyas may complain that their reputation has been insulted due to being added to the list of schools with the priciest dorms, but remember — you go to school in North West DC, on the waterfront, what more do you expect?

This leaves me with one thought: It’s no wonder DC is known as the “Bro Capitol of the World“.

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    You couldn’t find a Gold Cup photo?

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