Northside Social Now Inside Liberty Tavern


Clarendon’s a perfect spot for me in the morning, as it’s on the way into the District if I’m headed that direction for client visits, or if I’m on my way out to the exurbs for other client visits. Since Murky’s demise, I’ve been jonesing for a good coffee shop in my neck of the woods. I tried Greenberry’s without any luck, I can’t do Starbucks, and that leaves me with hardly any good options.

No longer. Northside Social (Facebook for now), going into the old Murky space, is operating from the first level of Liberty Tavern for the next few weeks, serving up coffee and espresso (nothing too exotic, though, leave chai and flavor syrups on your wishlist for when they open back up across the street) as well as scones and muffins (today’s Frangelico muffin was extra delicious) and tomorrow they’ll add a tasty breakfast sandwich, with house-cured bacon and Polyface eggs on toasted bread. I’ll see you there.

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