Social Safeway to seek LEED certification

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DCmud reports that the currently under construction Georgetown Safeway (AKA the Social Safeway) will be seeking a LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

While this is truly great news, what’s not so great news for area residents is that the supposed nine month renovation that started in April will actually extend into May 2010.

Rebecca Johnson

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3 thoughts on “Social Safeway to seek LEED certification

  1. Nine month renovation? First, it’s not a renovation. Complete tear down and new garage/building and retail. Two stories. I can’t believe they thought it could get done in nine months, or that anybody would believe it.

  2. Lou: I totally agree with you. When you tear down every part of the building and start over that’s definitely not a renovation. As for trusting the 9 month time line, it was hopeful thinking of my part that the Safeway/shopping area would be completed by then.

  3. It could be LEED certified, or made completely out of cancer-causing lead – Just gimme my Safeway back!