Haynesworth After The Loss

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Yesterday, I quoted in my Sports Fix that, “When the fall’s all that’s left, it matters a great deal,” going into the Redskins game. The Giants didn’t just beat the Redskins last night, they heard the lamentations of their women. It was a seal-clubbing. Trick plays gone awry, no points in the first half, this was the team that started out the season, not the team that almost beat New Orleans. After the 45-12 loss, the Post caught Albert Haynesworth:

“It just feels like we’re all going in different directions,” Haynesworth said. “We need someone to lead us in the right direction.”

Oh sweet baby Jesus, where to begin.

Here’s a hint, Albert, if you can spot the problem (direction) and you only ask for a leader, you will never get one. In that situation, your job is to rally as many of your teammates as possible, and lead them in the right direction. You just signed the biggest NFL contract ever for a defense player. Perhaps it’s time to demonstrate some leadership, instead of throwing punches. Maybe, just maybe, then you can bitch about leadership.

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2 thoughts on “Haynesworth After The Loss

  1. Albert, you’re earning $100 million to play here. Maybe- just maybe- you can provide some of that leadership? You know, during the 50% of the time that you aren’t out hurt? Or when you’re not getting in fistfights with opposing players?

    Ugh… maybe not the WORST free-agent signing I can think of, but so far he’s sure not turning out the way he was supposed to. What a douche.

  2. Full disclosure: I’m not a Redskins fan, but I hate to see the city that loves its team so dearly suffer as much as us poor Detroit Lions fans.

    If you ask me, the fans should revolt and execute a coup to take down the whole lot of Redskins ownership and management. Dan Snyder runs the Redskins like it’s his fantasy football league. The problem is…Snyder, apparently, doesn’t know how to play and jumps on the flavor of the day instead of building a team for long-term success. I think most people could have predicted that Haynesworth would be a relative bust, and hardly worth the $100m.