Room 11 Uncorks Their Nocino

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‘Lamont and 11th Street NW’
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Yesterday, I mentioned in passing that Room 11 was uncorking their nocino last night. On a lark, we headed over after beers at Church Key and tried a glass of the wonderful house-made liqueur. You might be more familiar with the Italian digestif limoncello, which is made in a similar process, the rich lemon flavor is a smooth after-dinner drink.

Nocino is like limoncello’s older, stronger, angrier brother, in the best possible description. The nose is like a floral old-style root beer, heady with herbs that tantalize and inspire. The taste, though, is like nothing I’ve ever had. It comes in three waves, first strong cinnamon and clove, next ginger and nuts, and finally the slow and pleasant burn of a good strong spirit, mixed with the walnut and herbs. Can’t miss this one. Go now.

Room 11
3234 11th Street NW
Washington DC 20010

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