What Snowpocalypse Can Do for You

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‘Rowhouse Turret with Snow’
courtesy of ‘Mr. T in DC’

Believe it or not, what’s left of Snowpocalypse can help you save money. By looking at what’s melting on your roof, you can tell if your heat is going through the roof — and launching your utility bill sky high, too.

If the snow on your roof melted quickly, it may mean that your heat is zooming toward the heavens, along with your hard-earned dollars. You can save on heating and cooling simply by insulating your attic. And of course that means you’ll burn less fossil fuel.

Arlington’s Fresh AIRE blog has pictures that show you just what to look for. For starters, try comparing your roof to your neighbors’. It’s just another way to keep up with the Joneses.

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One thought on “What Snowpocalypse Can Do for You

  1. Another thing this colder weather can do is to help identify those spots (using your hand to feel cold air) around the house that are letting in chilly air from gaps in insulation or in areas near doors and windows. You can’t really notice it as much when one is inspecting in the summer time when it’s warm. Already we found places in our house where cold air was seeping in – like the mail slot in the front door. Works best when the outside air temp is in the 20’s or lower.