Georgetown’s American Eagle Outfitters Shuts. Tweens Left with Plenty of Options

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Over the holidays, the Georgetown strip lost another retail shop with American Eagle Outfitters shuttering its flip flop, tank top, bikini laded aisles for good.  Luckily for those AE diehards, there are plenty of other substitutes to be found close by, like Vineyard Vines, Abercrombie & Fitch, Rugby, Tommy Hilfinger, Patagonia, etc…..

Like most commercial areas, Georgetown is an ever evolving strip with shops and restaurants opening and closing year round. Unfortunately, during this economic downturn, there have been more departures and less arrivals, and according to there could be more casualties in the horizon.

Rebecca Johnson

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6 thoughts on “Georgetown’s American Eagle Outfitters Shuts. Tweens Left with Plenty of Options

  1. You can’t comment on that Web site, but I have disagree with her premise that there aren’t people going to Georgetown. It’s got the most retail foot traffic of any place in the city, as far as I can tell. I’m sure the economy is not helping things and maybe retailers like American Eagle are not a good demographic fit. But you’ll see the same chains in popular urban hubs in every city in the country. Georgetown could be any street in NYC and retailers there are pulling out too.

  2. a) You spelled her name/the web site name wrong, it’s Joynt, not Jyont (although the link still works).

    b) Generally when you link to someone’s personal blog as a “source,” you might want to provide SOME indication of who the person is, and why their opinion is supposed to be credible. A clause like, “Long-time Washington journalist and former owner of Georgetown restaurant Nathan’s,” would have given us a lot more context as to why we should be at all interested in Mrs. Joynt’s opinions on the issue.

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