A Look Into DC’s Netflix Queue

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In case you missed the NYTimes this weekend, check out their map of the DC Netflix queue by zipcode. Some of the fun is seeing where the dividing line is. DC’s most rented movie was Benjamin Button, that is, unless you live in 20064 (Catholic University) in which case it didn’t even make the Top 50.

Changeling was big in 20032 (Congress Heights/Bolling). Slumdog Millionaire was only playing North of the Anacostia, while Seven Pounds was only big on the South side of the Anacostia. Burn After Reading and Eagle Eye shared the same split. I could seriously play with this one all day.

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2 thoughts on “A Look Into DC’s Netflix Queue

  1. The margin of era has to be high. My zip is 20020 but my Netflix like a lot of others in my neighborhood have their movies sent to the office. For one simple reason the mail man is pitiful and more than like has a lot of movies that do not belong to him in his personal catalogue.

  2. Very cool to look at 22211 and 22202 (just the north tip of the latter) to see what those at Fort Myer and the Pentagon are renting…some interesting trends.