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So, we’re coming up on our one-and-a-halfth birthday, and to celebrate, we’re giving away some awesome prizes. We’ve got dinner for two at Jackson 20 at the Hotel Monaco in Alexandria, a trip to the Spy Museum for two and a nice swag pack, and a DC United T-shirt.

It’s just a quick thirteen questions, and your feedback would be absolutely invaluable. It’ll take five minutes, and we promise, we won’t sell your email address to anyone, for anything.

Take our quick survey, and leave us your email address at the end to enter the drawing for our great prizes. Click through for our privacy policy and the Rules.

Privacy Policy

We Love DC will, from time to time, collect information from readers and advertisers. This information will never be sold, lent, leased, borrowed, or otherwise transmitted outside the organization for any reason. We may occasionally contact people who sign up for commenter accounts or those who submit their email address for contests as part of our day to day operations, however this will not exceed one unsolicited message per thirty days. We will never ever email you without an opt-out option.


One entry per person. Authors and their families are not eligible to win. We will choose the winners on 20 January 2010, and notify them by the email address given in the last page of the survey. Prizes are given as is, and will be shipped by US Postal Service where applicable. Some prizes may be subject to age verification.

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  1. I really enjoy this blog, and I especially enjoy reading articles by Karl Johnson! Keep up the good work.