Virginia Vs. DC

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That’s how the new legislatural session looks to the Washington Post: A showdown between a State’s right to govern itself and the Federal Government’s right to make national policy. They have their eyes on three proposed bills in the Assembly which seek to start court fights to protect the rights of the States: one to remove the requirement of the Health Insurance Reform Act for all citizens to carry health insurance, one to prevent the federal interference in intrastate commerce, and one to prevent federal regulation of firearms that are made and sold within Virginia.

While it’s not clear how much support these bills have within their respective houses, it’s hard not to see each of these as a challenge to the Federal authority in Washington DC. These are court fights that would last years, but could protect the individual state’s sovereignty against the Federal Government. It’s also very possible that should Virginia succeed in the courts, that many other states would follow suit.

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  1. Pretty sure “legislatural” is not a word. I think the word you are looking for is legislative.