Drivers Beware! The Parking Meter Conversion Is Complete.

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The parking meter conversion is scheduled to reach its completion today and DC residents must now be aware that  new enforcement hours and higher rates – including  Saturday enforcement and some meters running to 10 pm  — are in effect.

Not sure if these changes have anything to do with you? WTOP has the low-down on what you need to know.

But one thing’s for sure, it’s probably a good idea to start paying attention when parking on the street. You don’t want to go and get a ticket for forgetting to read a sign.

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4 thoughts on “Drivers Beware! The Parking Meter Conversion Is Complete.

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  2. More money, less time, but no meters (besides the one’s that give paper tickets) that accept dollar coins.


  3. i just used a meter in front of odeon cafe in dupont and the damn thing ate all of my quarters but happily accepted my dimes. so i do plan on calling it in however, to my annoyance, you are supposed to call in with the Meter # but this particular meter # was covered with black electrical tape. conspiracy?

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